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Roles A Licensed Door Supervisor Can Provide Your Company

Functions Of A Door Supervisor:


The Door Supervisor is the first person the Patron will see and thus sets the tone for the style and attitude of the venue.


A true function of a Door Supervisor is to provide access control for a busy venue and screen those whom wish to enter.


A Door Supervisor is traditionally the person that will be at the entrance to your premises to check ID to assure that each person entering is legally old enough.


The Door Supervisor will be looking for your clientele to be dressed according to your standards and that he/she is not impaired by drink or drugs.


The duty of a Door Supervisor is to monitor the patrons inside the venue and that they behave accordingly.


Another responsibility of a Door Supervisor is to prevent admittance to those who have previously caused trouble inside your venue or are/have been know to associate with drugs.



Other Services Our Door Supervisors will provide:


Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time and that we are not only their for security but to assist patrons where possible.


We will keep fire exits and walkways clear at all times and report to appropriate staff.


Our Door Supervisors will wake up any person found asleep inside the venue.


The mere presence of a well trained Door Supervisor will remind patrons that their conduct is being watched.


Our Door Supervisors will hand over anyone taking/selling drugs to the Police.


Licensed premises are about providing hospitality where people can go to have a drink, relax, unwind have a good time and feel safe of which our Door Supervisors can assist in this.

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